Letters to the Editor Week of June 22, 2016

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark


Dear Honourable Premier Christy Clark,

As a Small Business Person With Disabilities on the Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation “Self-Employment Program” (SEP) I need the Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction to Cut The Red Tape – like she does in the name of big business- in order for me to have a fair chance of success to move off this “needs based” public “service of last resort”.

However, the current Minister Coralee Oakes is also the previous Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development that ignored my pleas for help at a critical time of my life. Instead, her staff created a “file” on me while they oversaw the public spending of a minimum of $70,000 taxpayers dollars to beat me up over two BC Human Rights Tribunals (#13461 and #13412) which ended June 2, 2016.

Now Minister Michelle Stilwell has assigned your Lawyers using taxpayers dollars, to undermine a self-represented person (with a permanent mental health disorder) who is trying to have the red tape removed – which has resulted in a third BC Human Rights Tribunal complaint #14420. Your publicly funded lawyers, are trying to have the case dismissed.  I wonder if you make ‘Big Business’ fight so hard to remove the red tape in their industry, as you do with those that are disabled?

Jason AnsonLake Cowichan

Budd cars are available

A few weeks ago VIA PREFERENCE, their frequent rider programme, inquired about my state of not having used VIA Rail as I did in Ontario.

I replied promptly to VIA: “Yes I would like to use VIA service again, but our line has been shut down between Courtney and Victoria.”

On the next day I received this e-mail from: Lisa C. (Customer support (VIA Rail Canada)):  “We have not received any recent information regarding this service. VIA has spent over $5 million upgrading three Budd Rail diesel cars and will resume service on behalf of Southern Railway of Vancouver Island (SVI) when the state of the tracks (owned by SVI) meets safety requirements.”

Has this information been publicized by E & N?

If not, why not?

George R. WeissLadysmith

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