LSS principal responds to PAC

Principal Street would back plan to house a middle and high school at LSS should SD68 pursue that strategy, but the plan is not his own.


I would like to respond to the letter from the Davis Road PAC chair and vice-chair, “Davis Road PAC stands by K-7 model,” in the April 23 Chronicle.

As the principal of Ladysmith Secondary, I have been a part of many discussions involving the feasibility of implementing a variety of different options in this community school but am not advocating any one specific option.

Part of those conversations included e-mail correspondence for which I gave my permission for its inclusion in Dr. Player’s final report.

I agreed to allow the inclusion of the correspondence because it speaks to the thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, care, work, time and energy of the committed staff of LSS to explore the idea of a high school/middle school opportunity.

The vision that has been touted as my own, is not; however, I do stand behind the hard work done by LSS staff to explore that  vision, should that be the plan decided on by our board.

I would encourage anyone interested in the proposed facilities plan to participate in the ongoing consultation process currently underway by School District 68. For more information on that process, please call 250-245-3043.

Dave Street


Ladysmith Secondary School