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Please report illegal dumping

Dave Judson writes about illegal dumping in the Ladysmith area


I would like to thank all the volunteers and businesses that supported the Ladysmith Sportsmen’s Club and the Chemainus Rod and Gun in our watershed and surrounding areas debris cleanup on April 9, 2011.

A total of 48,000 pounds was collected this time out. The cleanup was done in 2007 as well, collecting 21,000 pounds.

Our town has won awards for its beautiful flowers and gardens, but when you see this much garbage dumped outside city limits, it’s like sweeping dirt under the carpet. A lot of the material picked up was recyclable, or there are places to dispose of items such as TVs, metal and yard waste. Close to five tons was collected up Peerless Road right past the dump. Why? Was the dumped closed, or are the fees too much? We would like to see this pattern change.

Billions of dollars are collected in eco-fees; these fees could offset dump operating costs, as well as help combat the continued illegal dumping jeopardizing recreational access and watershed protection, and also be protecting wildlife.

The public is asked when you hire someone to haul debris away, make sure you see the dump receipt — it’s an added cost to the project, but at least material is disposed of properly.

This ongoing problem of litter is everywhere. We can put the fancy solar-powered garbage cans on every corner, but the garbage still has to be put into them right.

If anybody witnesses illegal dumping, take a picture and the licence plate number and call the Ministry of Environment RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277 or report it online at

Dave JudsonLadysmith Sportsmen’s Club

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