Please stop setting off firecrackers and terrifying dogs

Raffaella Ubaldi of Ladysmith asks people to stop setting off firecrackers, which distress and terrify dogs.


I have a Belgian Shepard dog that has been facing a bear and did not get scared or aggressive. A really calm dog. However, he has one problem — firecrackers. They terrify him. When he hears one, he runs to the darkest and farthest corner of the house. If it happens while he is outside, he starts shaking all over.

In the last two weeks, I have had to take him out only if there is still light, not in the dark outside.  Sometimes he will hold going until the next day, not healthy for the dog. And I have spoken to many dog owners, and the majority of them have terrified dogs if firecrackers explode.

Please, please  stop exploding firecrackers. If you really must, please do it only while everybody else does it, so it lasts only for a little while. Absolutely, please don’t explode them when nobody else is. You are distressing very many loving friends of people.

Thank you very much.

Raffaella Ubaldi