Points to Ponder – There will always be opportunitities to serve

We must be aware that there are others in our community who have so little

Pastor Dave Hauser

Bethel Tabernacle, Ladysmith

The need will always be there!

We are now through the festive season of Christmas and New Years, with all the family dinners and parties.

I am reminded that we have so much. And while we have so much, we must be aware that there are others in our community who have so little, so little that they are in need of basics of life.

One of the creative ways to help these citizens of Ladysmith was the creation of the Ladysmith Soup Kitchen.

The Ladysmith Soup Kitchen started on a 10-week trial basis on April 1 and has been running continuously on Tuesdays and Thursdays since then.

Approximately 70 people use the soup kitchen each afternoon that it is open.

Clients range in age from young adults, to parents with children, to middle-aged and seniors.

Some parents pick up food to take home to their families.

However, the average age of people who eat at the kitchen is probably 45 years old.

In by-gone days, soup was considered a comfort food providing warmth for the inside; now, it is still a comfort food, but we also take into account the nutritional value.

If you find that your gift is service, here is an awesome opportunity.

Through feeding the hungry and needy, you will never be out of a place in the use of your gift. Not only can you serve a bowl of soup, but you can also spend a few minutes and make a new friend.

Soup is good for the body, and conversation is good for the soul!

Matt. 26:11: Jesus declared “The poor you will always have with you.”

There will always be an opportunity to serve the poor!