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Premier Clark's stewardship has flittered away

Dee Shoolingin of Duncan writes that businesses and shoppers are shopping for a new market growth ideology and hope for their future.


Premier Clark is clear she does not like her job. The legislature makes her sick.

To her, democracy is a sick culture; perhaps accountability is sickeningly inconvenient.

Like Republican Rick, she wants to wallow among friends, not the people she has ignored along with their elected representatives asking for accountability. Like the many small business folks that are hurting from reduced market cash flows, her stewardship has flittered away.

The tax giveaways that were to bring trickle-down benefits have become trickle-away market cash shortages.

More folks see significant corporate tax reductions as cash taken from their own pockets and cash registers.

Many are starting to see that those taxes are public property and not the administration’s to gift to supportive friends.

It appears more like a theft of public assets.

They also view the elected trustees being fired due to their stand on accountability for the community children [as] a move for pilfering or embezzling from B.C. children’s futures. Likewise with heath and other ministries.

Clark may become happier as small business folks are looking for a new ideology that can actually promote prosperity.

The outcome of the next election is likely uncertain to the wire, but business and shoppers alike are shopping for a new market growth ideology and a hope to their future.

Dee Shoolingin


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