Regulate all breeds

Letter to the Editor


You raised some interesting questions in your May 23 editorial.

Can Ladysmith afford to enforce its bylaws? Yesterday, while driving through the town core, I saw two dogs being walked off leash, and one obvious partial-bull breed tied up outside a store by its leash, with no muzzle. This was a 15-minute trip out of the house for me — three cases of the bylaw being broken in plain sight.

We own two bull terriers, an English breed whose heritage can be traced back to 1812 — a breed recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club (while the CKC refuses to recognize any pit bull breed).  Why has the bylaw been ‘selectively’ enforced against us when so many other infractions, on the main street of Ladysmith, are ignored every day?

Any thoughts on this one, Ladysmith?

Should I phone Animal Control every time I see an unleashed dog or an unmuzzled restricted breed in order to test whether the town can afford to enforce the bylaws?

I do thank the town for the Canine “Good Neighbor” Certificate amendment, but would like to suggest that every dog in Ladysmith be required to pass this test before they are allowed to be walked in public. It’s really in the best interest of the citizens of Ladysmith to be protected from every potential bad dog, not just those who have “bull” in their name.

Beverley Wood