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Report regarding pollutants in Ladysmith Harbour is old news

Don Harrison of Ladysmith predicts that after the provincial election, this story will be 'Under Consideration pit' under the council table.


Incredible though it may seem, the report regarding a study by Golder Associates regarding the pollutants in the Ladysmith Harbour is old news.

This report was completed more than three years ago, and I wrote a letter to the Ladysmith Chronicle pointing out the problems that Golder Associates uncovered.

Is it not strange that when an election is in the offing, politicians can dig up many old interesting bones to offer the electorate?

Don’t get too excited about this story because in Ladysmith, one should hold up one’s finger to try and gauge progress regarding anything of real consequence for Ladysmith.

I predict that after the provincial election in May 2013, this story and all it entails will once again be buried in the pit under our council table called Under Consideration.

Don Harrison


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