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There’s no reason for killing animals who only do what is their nature

Robert Brodgesell of Ladysmith was upset to hear about a cougar killed at the Saltair Mill.


Another beautiful cougar killed at the Saltair Mill.

Our so-called “conservation officers” should be called “cougar and bear killers.”

I do not see any reason for killing any of these animals, who only do what is their nature, which we are busy interfering with.

At worst, they could be tranquilized and taken out into the hills. Yes, they may come back, but we still have no right to kill them.

To those people who run calling a conservation officer when confronted with wildlife, I can only say, “If you do not know how to live with wildlife, you should not be where we have invaded the animals territory.”

If I am confronted by a wild animal, and I have been, I would never call anyone with guns.

It is shameful that we are still behaving concerning wildlife as we did centuries ago against native peoples, who tried to defend their lands.

We called them savages and killed them by the thousands.

Or must we not talk about this? But the truth is the truth.

Now we are killing the wildlife, the only non-human species left to possibly bother us, but luckily we have pictures and stuffed, preserved species, so future generations will be able to see what wild animals looked like.

The conservation office in Duncan proudly displays a stuffed, preserved cougar. I admit to shedding some tears when I saw it.

Robert Brodgesell


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