Tidbits of interest emerge from Ladysmith grapevine

Don Harrison fears 2012 is starting out to be "another year of blunder after blunder."


Now I admit that not everything one hears on the Ladysmith grapevine is authentic. However there are tidbits of interest that emerge from the citizens’ vat of unrest and outright astonishment.

Item No. 1: A proponent has approached our mayor and council with a proposal to reinvigorate the old RV park on the way down to Transfer Beach. Apparently his bank will not finance the proposition unless our town fathers will agree to a 10-year lease on the property.

Keep in mind that this area has been lying fallow for more than 12 years, collecting debris dumped there by our works yard. You won’t be surprised to learn he was turned down. GO FIGURE.

Item No. 2: We the citizens of Ladysmith are continuously reminded that if we want our town’s businesses to prosper, we should spend our money in Ladysmith.

Guess what? While sitting in that huge Walmart parking lot in Duncan, one of our council parked next to me preparing to spend in Walmart. Excuse was there was no one with the right size in Ladysmith. This is a valid excuse; however, unless something positive commences soon to try and support what businesses that are left in our town, First Avenue will be able to advertise that Ladysmith is Vancouver Island’s newest ghost town.

Item No. 3: Remember the great hoorah that was raised in Chemainus regarding the developer who was trying to develop a marina using three old barges?

If you followed that debacle, then you will remember he finally threw in the towel and walked away. Since then, the barges have been a big nuisance in Chemainus, creating continuous complaining regarding their unsightliness.

One of the barges was in a sinking condition, and this forced a decision to do something with it. Well, it now sits on Slack Point in Ladysmith Harbour, and the grapevine informs me that Ladysmith is now the proud owner of a barge that won’t float. The original plan was to take it across the Harbour, cut it up and sell the steel for scrap. However, apparently the only scrap will be the original plan.

2012 is starting out to be another year of blunder after blunder in our town.

Don Harrison