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Town of Ladysmith leaders must take action on schools' future

Brian Thom of Ladysmith issues a call to action to the Town of Ladysmith's leaders.


Re: “Options” for Ladysmith Schools

Having heard in the petition and community meetings that closure of École Davis Road is unacceptable, that putting elementary kids in the high school is unacceptable, that having families drive 40 kilometres a day to North Oyster and back is unacceptable, that empty promises about new schools are — we must call on our civic leaders to declare the “options” presented by the working group as fundamentally unworkable.

The Town must reiterate its support for a two-K-7-elementary-school model for Ladysmith and undertake serious negotiations with SD79 to join that district.

There is no way that the crisis SD68 has manufactured for — “LSS is under-capacity so we must devastate elementary education in your region” — should be used to carry out their reckless plan to enable SD68 to make good on rebuilding Nanaimo District Secondary School.

This must stop here, and our leadership in the Town of Ladysmith are in the unique position of being able to do it.

This is a call to action.

Brian Thom


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