Trying to rebuild feeling of security after theft of personal items

Georgina McLeod was devastated by the recent theft of a black chest containing a coin collection, photographs and personal items.


Recently, we were victims of a break and enter on Birchwood Road. A black chest containing a coin collection, personal items and photographs that were of great sentimental value to me was stolen. The experience was devastating.

No doubt, the perpetrator(s) trashed the photographs, even though a report in the Chronicle about the incident requested that personal items be returned. Some of the photographs and personal items in that chest had belonged to my deceased son. That was all I had left of him. I am heartbroken and angry for this loss.

My home and Ladysmith are special to me. My partner and I have met some very nice people since moving here and looked forward to spending my retirement in a safe community. Now it’s time to stop shedding tears and rebuild my confidence and feeling of security here. It’s a horrible feeling to know someone violated our home by invading it.

I would like to convey my thanks to RCMP Const. Brigitte Goguen for her empathy and consideration during the investigation of this case.

Georgina McLeod