Uforik owners incredibly generous

Tracie Skarbo thanks Aaron stone and Jamie Kolk from Uforik Computers in Ladysmith for their generosity over Christmas.


I would like to thank Aaron Stone and Jamie Kolk, the owners of the Uforik computer store in Ladysmith, for their generous good deed over the Christmas season.

This year in October, my husband was in a serious accident in Nanaimo and later died in the Victoria General Hospital. When Aaron Stone and Jamie Kolk found out that my son had lost his father so close to Christmas, they decided to send my son a brand-new laptop. I needed to let you know of their kind and compassionate nature. They have made such an extremely hard holiday better for my son. We were so surprised by their generosity.

So thank you Aaron and Jamie! You are wonderful people to have thought of us this season.

Tracie Skarbo