Voting for Ladysmith

There are lots of reasons why Ladysmith is a great place.

Have you voted for Ladysmith as the greatest neighbourhood in the Great Places in Canada contest yet?

It’s pretty exciting to see that 379 people have (as of Monday morning, at least). Word hasn’t been out that long, and already people are jumping on board to show their support for this great community by voting online.

It’s fun to watch the number climb, and it’s especially fun to read people’s enthusiastic comments on the Internet. Many people are saying they’ve raised their kids in Ladysmith, and now their kids are raising another generation here. They’re very proud to be from Ladysmith.

And it’s so easy to see why. I’ve felt at home here in Ladysmith since Day One. I really can’t think of a better place to set down some roots.

The Great Places in Canada nomination talks about Ladysmith’s interesting coal mining history and about its unique downtown. It also highlights the hiking and outdoor events and the friendly people.

But there are also a lot of great things about Ladysmith that you can’t explain in words or show in photos — those intangibles that make you feel like you’re right where you belong. Like how everyone supports each other and gets behind so many fundraisers and events and is always ready to help out. They may not be the things that win contests, but they should be. They’re what makes a home.

And speaking of community pride and community spirit, Ladysmith is doing really well in another online contest.  Local Celtic rock band Skellig has entered the Hard Rock Rising competition, which gives bands a chance to play live in Toronto and ultimately play at Hyde Park in London. Voting ended Monday night, so we didn’t know how Skellig placed when we put out the paper, but they were in second place Monday morning, which was very exciting.

— Lindsay Chung