What happend at Seaside Mobile Home Park should not happen anywhere

Former Seaside resident Joan Auld says the laws governing mobile home evictions need to be changed at the provincial level.


Re: Seaside Mobile Home Park

Thank you Ray Bradford [for your letter in the Feb. 26 Chronicle]. It couldn’t be said any better. We are so very thankful that people like you, Lynne and Sherry are trying to get some fair justice for the evicted residents.

What happened at Seaside should not happen anywhere. The owners do have the right to evict us, but the residents should be compensated fairly, which means current fair market value. Not just a year’s free rent when we have our whole lives invested in our home.

We owned our home for 18 years. It is now mortgaged until we are 95 because we had too much invested in it to walk away. So we bought a trailer that was a piece of trash in Town and Country Mobile Home Park that went out in two large garbage bins because it was too rotten. A lady had bought it, and the more she got into it, the worse it was. We gave her money back. Hence the garbage bins.

What is happening now is opening up the wounds again. The laws governing mobile home evictions need to be changed at the provincial level. Perhaps a new government will look at this situation. It is a nightmare, and the repercussions will be with us the rest of our lives.

Thank you for your support.

The Ivy Green Trailer Park is another similar situation, but they got help. We didn’t because we were told by Rob Hutchins that we were Saltair and not Ladysmith. Well, yes, we lived in Saltair, but our shopping was done in Ladysmith.

I hope the owners lose their shirts on this development, just like we did.

Joan Auld