Where were you? Ladysmith Days organizers ask letter writer

The reality of public service at the municipal level is slings and arrows.


(RE: Wrong Greasy Pole lesson learned, Chronicle, Aug. 11, p 6)

The reality of public service at the municipal level is slings and arrows. However, in this case said writer has publicly impugned the integrity and thus diminished all of the hard work that Celebrations Committee volunteers (all 6 in total by the way, inclusive of the Chair) have done to plan and deliver another successful and free Ladysmith Days event for all residents of Ladysmith, especially children and their families.

So I ask the writer:

• Where were you when Celebration volunteers met in October 2014 to review and debrief the previous successful August 2014 Ladysmith Days?

• Where were you when volunteers were meeting monthly in November through June to plan the theme and events for Ladysmith Days 2015.

Volunteers were giving up precious family and leisure time to solicit prizes and cash donations to pay for all of the things that make up this ‘free’ community event.

• Where were you starting in late June to July 3, when the Celebrations Committee met weekly to refine the last details of Ladysmith Days 2015.

They were also running around, picking up prizes, donations and other materials, designing and constructing structures for the  Greasy Pole contest, the Zucchini Race and the Ladies Nail Driving event.

• Where were you on the Friday morning before Ladysmith Days, when the Greasy Pole was physically being moved and set up, and later that night when Ladysmith Days stages were being set up at Transfer Beach.

• Where were you at 8 a.m. Saturday, when tents were being set up along with chairs, tables and no dog signs.

• Where were you on the holiday Monday when all of that work had to be undone, dismantled and the materials re-stored for next year’s Ladysmith Days.

Where were you all of that time?

I hope your answer is, I too was busy actively volunteering to make my community a better place for neighbours, friends and everyone else who calls Ladysmith home.

Finally, after being elected in three successive elections I have made it no secret that I will have served 10 years as a council member and like the previous 10 years when I sat as a director of the Mid Isle soccer Club it will be time for other members of the community to step up.

I invite you to put your name forth as a municipal candidate then or alternatively if you have some positive energy to add, volunteer in October to join the six current members of the Celebrations Committee to plan and deliver another successful Ladysmith Days in 2016.

Councillor Steve Arnett