Would we stop in Ladysmith with our RV? Probably not.

Mary Jo Ross of Ladysmith says she loves living here, but as an RV owner, she probably wouldn't stop here.


Re: Don Harrison’s letter about an RV park in the June 4, 2013, paper

Mr. Don Harrison has quoted some interesting misnomers about RV owners and RV parks. RV owners and boaters do not necessarily have “deep” pockets. I am happy to say my husband and I are proud owners of an older motorhome, which we saved for; we continue to budget our trips.

As motorhome owners, we do not normally shop in the towns we stay in. Why? Because we usually carry as much food and things as we need. If we shop, we usually stop at big box stores, because they have large parking lots that can accommodate a 34-foot motorhome that is hauling our car (Mr. Harrison, you cannot back up a motorhome that is hauling a car) and they have known brands we are used to at the best possible prices — yes, we watch what we spend.

We plan our trips, and we stop at interesting and unusual towns that offer unique shops, interesting sights, restaurants that have local fare, such as seafood/fish since we’re on an island. Yes, Ladysmith has a waterfront; so do most of the towns on Vancouver Island.

After travelling the entire East Coast of the U.S. and Canada last year, we always found some kind of fresh fish/seafood restaurants from clam/shrimp shacks and lobster pounds to more elaborate menus. What does Ladysmith offer that is unusual or different?

We also belong to two RV clubs that offer 10 to 50 per cent off nightly rates at certain RV parks; if not, then we boondock (free) where we can, as we are totally self-contained.

Mr. Harrison, you state that this town has been studied to death; well, I disagree with you.

If there had been some kind of study done on RV parks, you and council would realize that in order to sustain this type of business, you’d have to operate it year round to make any kind of profit, unless the owner is in it as a hobby and doesn’t care about profit. There is nothing in this town to stay and do for more than two nights, and if we could find something to do for more than one day, we’d probably camp up closer to Nanaimo and drive back to Ladysmith for the day. Having an RV park doesn’t necessarily mean people would actually stop here, let alone shop here.

Ladysmith did not do any kind of transit study and look what’s happened to the trolley, one big albatross.

We love living here, but would we stop with our RV? Probably not.

Mary Jo Ross