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PODCAST: HAVAN Awards: Interior Designer of the Year

TODAY IN BC:HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

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Co-hosts Mike and Jennifer-Lee chat with Interior Designer of the Year Katerina Vastardis, joined by Paul Shepski of Geography Contracting.

‘When you are taking a house and turning it into two homes, space can become quite tight, but there are bylaws in Vancouver that allow more square footage in a Passive House or a Passive House duplex’, says Paul Shepski.

Two siblings took their grandma’s home gifted to them and transformed it into a duplex for two growing families.

‘Turning this house into two 1,200 square foot duplexes, knowing that you have an X number of basic things that you need to store, these things don’t really change whether you live in an apartment, duplex or single-family home’, explained Katerina Vastardis.

Winning the 2023 HAVAN Award winner for Best Renovation: 1 million to 1.5 million, and 2023 HAVAN Award for Best Energy Labeled Home: Whole Home Renovation, the home is packed with solutions.

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