Paul Legacy

Paul Legacy

Trash and cache at local event

Paul Legacy wants you to cache in and trash out.

The avid Ladysmith geocacher is hosting an event for treasure hunters that doubles as an opportunity to clean up the area’s forests.

“We invite anyone to come and see if they like doing it,” he said of the March 12 event.

Armed with a GPS device and a keen sense of curiosity, geocachers trek all over the place for hidden caches, different sized containers containing a log book and various pieces of treasure.

“It’s good for the community and it’s great exercise,” he said.

There are more than five million people playing worldwide.

Legacy, who’s only been geocaching for about a year, has already exceeded 1,000 finds.

“My numbers are way out of whack for a new person,” he said. “I go out almost everyday.”

He said the sport has allowed him to travel, see new places and stokes his sense of adventure.

“I’m addicted,” he said. “There’s just something about it.”

Legacy said he wants any one interested to come out to the event to not only find caches but to clean up.

“Go in and find the cache, sign the log and bring a piece of trash out.”

Legacy said he discovered a dumping of garbage near the Peerless Road Recycling Depot on South Watts Road when he was geocaching in the area recently.

He said they have two trucks to haul the garbage away and the CVRD is paying the tipping fees.

Interested geocachers can meet at the Ladysmith Legion at 9:30 a.m. There will be a guest speaker and lunch.

Legacy said there will be five new caches hidden on South Watts Road for people to find while they help clean up the trash.

He said to make sure interested participants dress appropriately and bring gloves.

“The geocaching world is amazing,” he said. “It’s treasure hunting. It’s not what you find but the find itself.”