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VIDEO: Saanich firefighters rescue ‘very vocal’ crow from fireplace chimney

Cat rescues somewhat common but crow call a first, says deputy fire chief
Saanich firefighters rescued a crow Tuesday night after it flew down a chimney and got stuck. (Dan Wood/Twitter)

Saanich firefighters performed an unexpected rescue Tuesday night after a crow flew down someone’s chimney flue.

Shortly before 7 p.m., Deputy Fire Chief Dan Wood said they received a call from a Saanich resident who could hear a “very vocal” crow squawking and flapping in their fireplace. Undeterred by the unusual task, a team of firefighters was sent to the Raymond Place residence right away.

Upon arriving, firefighters discovered a crow flew down the residents’ chimney and got stuck in the damper – the vent that controls airflow in and out of the fireplace. Wood said the crow was making it very clear he didn’t want to be in there anymore.

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Using an emergency blanket, a firefighter was able to swaddle the frightened creature, extract it from the fireplace and bring it outside. There, he slowly unwrapped the blanket and allowed the crow to fly free.

Wood said one of the residents of the house, a young girl, had been extremely concerned and was relieved to see the feathered fellow back in the sky.

It isn’t uncommon for birds to get stuck in fireplace chimney’s, Wood said, but usually, no one notices and they end up dying there. As far as he can remember, Tuesday was the first time Saanich firefighters have ever been called for such a rescue.

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